Different Types of Dealerships

Different Types of Dealerships

Seeing a place full of cars but do not possess single knowledge about the same. In regards to buying the car, it is required to understand the dealership and how they work in order to get what you are looking for and at the same time, it can save you dollars too.

Before you consider buying a car from dealerships, first understand where you are stepping your foot and what services they can provide which can help you in the long haul.

Let’s understand the different types of dealerships before you begin the business with them

Independent Dealerships

Independent dealerships only deal in used cars which enables you to buy a vehicle at a lesser price or at the same time you can have a car with a higher budget. The best part is you can find various dealerships nearby your neighborhood which can provide you more durable and reliable which implies you have earned the value of your money.

The independent car lot’s main purpose is to sell the car and close the deal as they do not maintain a close relationship with the consumers. Closely examine the vehicles there are chances car will have excessive mileage, cloaked odometers and a short amount of warranty. This implies at the time of buying a used car check all the things take a mechanic with yourself in order to determine the vehicle.

New Car/ Franchise Dealerships

Dealerships that have the main focus to sell the new car of the specific brand for which they have acquired the franchise but they also provide the option of buying used cars too. These dealerships are way trustworthy as they hold their service center which means you can have great service of your used car too if you buy with them.

They also provide the option of obtaining the certified pre-owned vehicle which means the manufacturer has provided them the used car. CPO comes with an extended warranty which means you can have the protection against damages and maintenance and they are slightly expensive as compare to used cars.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

These dealerships are best for those who have a bad credit score as they get the opportunity to the financing of the car. If you fail to make the payment on time you have to bear a certain set of consequences and also their rate of interest is higher than the other financial institutions.

These dealerships even ask for the huge amount of down payments as providing loans to those people who have a bad credit score is already a risky deal which acquiring amount from them acts as a source of security.

Exclusive Used- Car Lots

The name is enough to leave an impression or provide the information in which area of business they are dealing with. They deal in the used car of one specific brand which can be vintage or heritage cars. These car lots do not offer the best price in the segment of the used car but certainly, they possess the best collection of cars.